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Hon. Late Govinda Man Kapali

The initiated person is the father of the chairman of this organization who went to heaven before thirty-six years leaving behind his all good thoughts. His good thoughts are going to transform to the third generation as we believe in the transformation of the thoughts and trade in the next generation. This organization is devoted to his all thoughts with trust that the chain of transformation from generation to generation always a betterment of the industry and line of the development of trade of the country.

GMK International Freight Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

GMK is established with the passion of work in 2020 even within the pandemic days, to provide comprehensive services to valued customers nationally and internationally. It emerged after the successful completion of Shangri-La Freight which was organized in 1994. The service trade in Nepal is quite compact which needs to get be a very friendly environment with trust, transparency, and teamwork.

Nepal is one of the land-locked countries in the world. The trade of Logistics and supply chain is having a remarkable effect on the development of the trade of the country. There is a good future for any logistic organization in the country if the organization provides service and the cost as required.

Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South Asia and almost all products in the country are imported from India, China, and other countries of the world. We are here to address the needful of any exporter and importer nationally and internationally on the subject of supply chain management thoroughly providing services globally.

GMK based in Kathamandu is having a network nationwide and internationally as well. We are having confidence, compliance, and competence to provide services to our valued customers.


Why Us?

Customers are foremost in our strategy

We contribute to each of our clients' company success, whether it's by establishing an efficient supply chain or ensuring that a perishable shipment reaches its recipient on time.

We work directly with industries and businesses to build fresh and specialized solutions, and we employ cutting-edge technology. Because of our proximity to our clients, we can build adaptable solutions that provide peace of mind to all parties concerned.

We're the partner who helps you deliver on your big promises by creating solutions that keep up with evolving customer needs.

Our colleagues have been a source of inspiration for us.

Those who see the future as clearly as the present, who anticipate the problems of tomorrow now, and who refuse to accept routine when reinvention is necessary, are the ones who bring about change. GMK International Freight employs the following individuals. Our work culture is based on never-ending effort and attention to our profession, as well as a dedication to keeping our commitments. We can have more satisfied consumers as a result of this attentiveness. Every day, we make decisions based on empathy and credibility.

Together, we'll create a business culture that prioritizes people in all we do - one that's as enjoyable to work for as it is to work with.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked question by our customers. You can view them to clear your confusions.

  • Logistics include warehousing, shipping and distribution services to support a company’s supply chain of getting their products from A to B. Logistics companies offer carrier and service options, and provide continued management of all or some areas of a customer’s transportation needs. At CBIP we offer E-Commerce Logistics, Local & International Freight, Supply Chain consultancy & Value Added Services that improve the way you run your logistics on a day to day level.

  • GMK Freight International PVT LTD is your modern day logistics and consulting business, allowing us to source the most efficient, cost and time effective, and reliable solution for you across different countries. Our range of partners in the logistics industry, coupled with our smart technology, allows you to spend less time on logistics and more time on the things that matter to you and your business.

  • This business was started in the year 1994 with an ambition to provide national and international services to the customers.

  • Simply leave us a message via our contact form